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Game Play

Pre Game
Coaches from both teams should hold brief pre-game conversation with the umpire(s) to introduce themselves, review key rules and information – such as clarification of the boundary lines – and resolve any questions or adjustments needed.
Items coaches may want to discuss with Umpires.
  • Length of Game
  • Ground Rules
  • Defensive 3 Second "rule"
  • Discouraging players from running "Coast-to-Coast"/"Goal-to-Goal" in absence of the 3 pass rule.
Note that the umpires’ authority extends from 30 minutes prior to the start of the game until they leave the playing venue. 

Start of the Game
The procedure for the start of the game/draw shall be the same as outlined in Rule 5-1, 5-2 of the US Lacrosse Women’s Rules with the following modification: for all levels possession will be taken at the center by the team with fewer goals if a four or more goal differential exists. When this occurs positioning for the draw will apply with the defender standing 4 meters away at a 45-degree angle and all other players must stand.

All play is starts and stops with the whistle. All players must stop and stand when the whistle blows to stop play. All may move again when the next whistle blows.

  • When a loose ball touches the boundary line, or the ground outside the line, the ball is out of bounds. The player/team that last touched the ball before it went out of bounds loses possession, unless it was a shot or a deflected shot on goal.
  • When a shot or deflected shot on goal goes out of bounds, the player nearest to the ball when it crosses the boundary receives possession.
A goal is scored when the ball passes completely over the goal line and into the goal cage. Scoring must be by an attacker’s crosse, and not off the body of an attack player. A goal may be scored off the defender’s body or crosse. In the Youth games, if any part of the player’s body or stick crosses over the crease, the goal will not count.

Substitution is unlimited and the substitution procedure should be the same as outlined in Rule 5-20 and 5-21 of the US Lacrosse Women’s Rules, i.e. substitute any time during play, after goals, and at halftime; player coming on to the field cannot step on the field until the player coming off is fully off the field; etc].  Substitutions may not occur while play is stopped.  Players must enter and leave the field of play through the mid-field substitution area delineated by cones.

Duration of Play
5/6 and 7/8 grade divisions play 25-min halves (running time). Grade levels 1/2 and 3/4 play 20-min halves.

Time Outs

Each team is allowed one 2-min time-out per half. A team may call a time out after a goal or during a dead ball situation if they have possession. The clock stops during time outs. 

Fouls shall be the same as those outlined in Rule 6 of the US Lacrosse Women’s Rules with the following modifications:
  • No checking (Grades 3/4 and 5/6).
  • Modified checking (Grades 7/8).
  • Any contact to an opponents head with a stick (All Levels) is an automatic Yellow Card resulting in a 2-min penalty.
  • No holding the ball for more than 3 seconds when closely guarded/marked and the defense has both hands on her stick and is in position to legally check were checking allowed. (All levels)
Penalties for Fouls
  • For specifics on major, minor, and goal circle fouls and carding, see Rules 6 and 7 in the US Lacrosse Women’s Rules.  
  • The penalty for fouls is a free position with all players, including the offender, moving 4 meters away from the player with the ball.
  • Any player who receives a yellow or red card must leave the game; no substitute may take her place for two minutes. A player who receives a second yellow card is suspended from further participation in that game. A player who receives a red card is suspended from the game and cannot participate in the next game as well.

    The official timer will notify the coach when the 2-min penalty time has expired for any player sitting out after being carded.

Revised 3/9/14