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Girls Lacrosse Equipment


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  • List of approved eye protection, click here
  • List of approved head gear, click here (use of headgear is optional for field players)
  • List of approved sticks, click here


  • All Coaches must use girls lacrosse sticks for teaching girls lacrosse. Boys and mens lacrosse sticks may not be used at practices, games and coaching clinics. Founders Girls Lacrosse – along with women's college and high school coaches associations – agree that using and demonstrating with the proper equipment is critical for teaching field players and goalies strong stick skills.
  • Approved eye protection and mouth guards are required for all players. Mouth guards shall be of any readily visible color other than clear or white.
  • Close fitting gloves and US Lacrosse approved headgear are permitted.
  • No jewelry is allowed on the field – including earrings in newly pierced ears.
  • Goalie must wear a helmet with face mask, separate throat protector, chest protector, abdominal and pelvic protection, goalie gloves, and leg padding on the shins and thighs. The protective helmet, designed for lacrosse, must meet the NOCSAE test standard. All protective devices used should be close fitting, padded where necessary, and not be of excessive weight.