The Premier Girls Lacrosse League in New England!

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Friday Select League Game Dates

  • Regular Season: April 7, 14, 28, May 5, 12, 19
  • Playoffs: June 2, June 9
  • Championships June 16

General Rules

  • Select League Game rules are defined on the 2023 EMWLUA Common Rules Card HERE
  • Full checking is only allowed at 7/8 grade with two adult officials -- otherwise it's modified checking.
  • Modified checking always applies to 5/6 Select League play.
  • No pass requirement for 5/6 or 7/8 Select League play.
  • Games are scheduled on the hour: two 25-minute halves.

Specific Select League Rules

  • Games do not end in a tie.
  • A 2-player Braveheart competition —1 field player and 1 goalie per team — determines winner as follows:
    • A goalie from each team protects the same cage (they are in or out of the goal based on who has possession.
    • Braveheart starts with a draw at midfield. Players position for the draw on the same side teams started the game on.
    • If a goalie makes a save, they are allowed a free clear to her teammate, who then takes the ball out to the 12-meter fan before attacking, allowing the goalies to switch places. Defenders can engage as soon as the ball is cleared to the 12-meter fan.
    • First goal wins.