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Updated – January 5, 2018

2018 FGLL RULES: 5/6 Grade [Down Load Rule Card]


Coaches and officials meet to establish grade level, point out any unique field characteristics, specify a clock operator, highlight the importance of the "Offensive 3-second rule", and remind the official that ALL Founders League games consist of two 25-minute halves – regardless of grade division.


  • Regulation, full-size field with conventional markings: goal circle, 8-meter arc, 12-meter fan, sideline and end-line boundaries, restraining lines.
  • Place cones on player sideline 5 yards on either side of midfield to designate the substitution area. All players must leave and enter the field between these cones.
  • Spectators must sit on the sideline opposite the player benches.


  • 12 players (11 field players plus a goalie). 4 players remain behind the restraining line.


  • No more than 3 coaches per team allowed on the sideline. Coaches allowed only between their own end line and midfield.
  • One timeout per game; may not be taken during last 2 minutes of half/game. Clock stops during timeout.


  • Boys lacrosse sticks not allowed.
  • US Lacrosse-approved eye-protection required.
  • US Lacrosse-approved helmets may be worn. Goalie helmets may not be worn by field players.
  • Mouth guards required – mouth guards with "white teeth" graphics not allowed.
  • Close fitting gloves and US Lacrosse-approved headgear are permitted.
  • No jewelry allowed. Use of eye black is regulated – no "face paint" with eye black.
  • Goalie must wear a helmet with a facemask, separate throat protector, chest protector, abdominal and pelvic protection, goalie gloves, and leg padding on the shins and thighs. The protective helmet, designed for lacrosse, must meet the NOCSAE test standard. All protective devices used should be close fitting, padded where necessary, and not be of excessive weight.


  • No checking. Stick-to-stick contact is not necessarily a violation if the attacking player initiates contact.
  • One pass required once offensive team advances ball over midfield.
  • Players may kick the ball.
  • Offensive 3 Seconds: Holding the ball for more than 3 seconds when closely guarded/marked and the defense has both hands on her stick and is in position to legally check were checking allowed results in a change of possession.
  • Goal circle violation: If any part of the player’s body or stick crosses the goal circle, goal does not count.
  • Yellow card: teams play shorthanded.
  • Players below the restraining lines on the draw may not cross until possession has been established.
  • Goalie deputy not allowed.


  • No scoreboards allowed, but coaches should keep the score and report to the league after each game.
  • Coaches must discretely make adjustments in the event of lopsided play.


  •  Alert your Program Director of any issues with officials, parents, coaches or players.
  •  Record the game score at: FGLL.ORG

2018 UMPIRE FEES (7/8 GRADE) Home team pays all fees.

 Adult: $70   Junior: $50   1 Adult & 1 Junior: $70 & $40   2 Juniors: $40 ea. 



FGLL has zero tolerance for misconduct of players, coaches or spectators. Misconduct is any action by an individual that interferes with the safety or sportsmanship of the game. A team follower’s misconduct may result in a yellow or red card assessed to the coach. Penalties assessed for misconduct must be reported to the league by the town's director.

QUESTIONS? Contact Paul Griffin, FGLL Director @